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the smart robot for smart renting

Finding your “right” home.
We feel you.


Homer is the smart robot for smart renting. Start a chat in Slack and start matching with homes today.


We’re professional home matchmakers with experience serving companies.

Let us take employee housing and relocations off your hands forever — so you can focus on what matters.


Chat Homer

Let us find perfect homes for your people, improve recruitment, and save time on relocation all in a Slack conversation.

Get started by sending a message to Homer, you’ll be guided to new homes in a Slack workspace you already use.


Simplified Renting

Partner with us to provide innovative housing solutions to your employees.

HR managers and recruiters in global cities are faced with a new set of challenges requiring flexibility, speed, and efficiency. Join our HR Partnership Program and let the Homer platform work for you and your employees!


"The days of stressing over finding a suitable home are no more."

— Future Builder Series

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{Smart Robot}

When you need help that requires more than a chatbot can handle, we call people to the rescue! Homer can connect you with knowledgeable, friendly, local Homer Advisors to help find a home in Greater Vancouver, BC.